We were aware that Oman was a hard challenge for fishing and , on the contrary, not knowing exactly what we were to face , it spurred us further to set out on such scouting in an area where till today no one ever went fishing with duns.

Our trip, apart being a nice fishing adventure, was a wonderful experience with friends in a hard and nice place , where we met extraordinary fishermen, fishing master guides who became our friends.

The morning of the second day , we were already on the boat trying immediately to jig . At the second drop , after a while I saw a 25 kgs Cobia who left the hook, and then nothing else till Rasheed sighted a shoal of dolphins. He went in the middle and started to draw with a half kg homemade kona . We , the perfect pretty boys fishermen protested and went back jigging.

Upon returning , a little bit in low spirits , 2 boats arrived and unloaded just in front of us 700 kgs of tuna fish in 30 and 70 kgs pieces. Those fishermen were speaking English and explained us that the fishing is done by sighting the dolphins , going in the middle of the shoal and throwing by hand a sardine ; if in such a way you do not catch tuna fish , then you change the shoal of dolphins.. we felt stupid but at the same time encouraged-

The following days we knew other fishermen and we became friends but the elder and more experienced ones made us understand that when they were fishing tuna fish they did not want anyone on the boat also because in one single morning they could earn unbelievable lot of money .
The problem as that our boat was without GPS and that Rasheed never departed from the cost in search of dolphins , while one finds tuna fish generally between 30 and 50 (sea) miles form the coast . Just to relax a while, we decided to go to the isle but when already at 30 km from Ras Al Had we saw the sea was read and when we arrived in Masirah we had to acknowledge , resigned , that the Red Tide was everywhere . We discovered some sheltered bays and we fished gilthed bream and small size spangle emperors . We found other clearer points but the Red Tide was at 50 mts from the shore and in fact , in spite of the wonderful shape of the spot , we did not have good fishing.

It was a pity as the spot should have been really a good one: sand , rocks and coral all together , with the shallow water descending at 30 mts from the shore. One should also take into account that there had been red Tide for 6 months and even if some times the wind was cleaning the spots , sweeping the Red Tide away , it wouldhave been difficult to find fish in such conditions.
In the evening we wandered along the harbor, where the water was clear and -what a surprise! - we found a shoal of GT hunting and we caught one after of the other . Evidently they were present in the area but who knew where did they go with such a sea.
The following morning we came back to Ras Al Haad determined to catch tuna fish and nothing else for five days.

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